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How to root Google Nexus 5

This story is part of: Android hacks, mods and tips 15 updates. In this tutorial, we give you three ways to do that…. Good for you. But many of you will probably want a bit more freedom in the choices they make for what is rightfully their own smartphone, which means rooting will be high on your agenda. If so, you're at the right place, for we'll be guiding you through the rooting process of the S5 baby step by baby step Related phones.

Google Nexus 5 OS: Android 6. PhoneArena Rating: 9. User Rating: 9. Display 5. Storage 32 GB Battery mAh 17h talk time. Reply Report. Thumbs up. Wait Nexus 5 is that hard to root? I thought the Nexus 7 was just a matter of flipping a switch in the recovery? Yeah unfortunately Google is becoming more like Microsoft and Apple and making their OS more and more closed.

The Android where we can root and flash roms and change frameworks will eventually be gone. It has, correct.

This is really not a hard procedure. All Nexus devices have a bootloader that requires unlocking. In which way is this hard to root? Dl the zip package, unzip, boot into fast mode, connect phone to computer and run windows. Nexus 7 is harder to root then this and it just not just flipping a switch. If you root your Nexus 5 will you still be able to get the Android updates when they become available? Or do you have to re-root everytime a new version gets released?

I know nothing about rooting. As long as you haven't modified system files, you will be able to receive OTA updates. You will have to re-root, though, in most cases. This will prevent the stock images from wiping your data.

How to Root Nexus 4 on Linux/Ubuntu!

Simply follow the the steps and you should be good to go soon. You are now able to flash Android 4. The next steps will guide you through the process and you should be done quite soon. Your Android device is now running Android 4. However, your device is not rooted anymore and does not have a custom recovery installed.

Head over to step 4 to fix that. On the next screen, just press Install to begin.

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When finished, hit Open. The Towelroot app only has one button, and that's the one that does all the magic.

Downloading the required files

Simply tap make it ra1n to begin. The app will take about 10 seconds to copy over the necessary root files, then it will automatically reboot your phone. When you're back up, you'll be rooted—that's literally all there is to it. You just rooted your phone in less than a minute. Once your phone or tablet comes back up after Towelroot's automatic reboot, you can verify that root was indeed achieved by grabbing Root Checker from the Play Store.

While doing this, you may have noticed that Root Checker didn't ask you if you wanted to grant it root permissions. This is because Towelroot doesn't install a root management app—it just grants root to any app that asks for it. This is a huge security risk, because malware apps can do some serious damage to your phone if they were to be given root permissions. An app that somehow snuck its way onto your device could silently be granted superuser privileges, then have unrestricted access to sensitive data on your device.

Step 1: Connect the Android device with the computer

There's now a shortcut to the dialer by swiping left to right, and notifications are more useful and interactive. Or do you have to re-root everytime a new version gets released? Cancel Confirm. M just simple android user Root Android without PC.

No worries though, there's an easy fix for this vulnerability. Chainfire 's SuperSU is the leading root management app today. It offers compatibility with almost any root app and the latest versions of Android. With SuperSU installed, you needn't worry about malware apps sneakily gaining permission to access your system-level components. Alternatively, you can head to this link to jump directly to the install page. As soon as you open SuperSU for the first time, you'll be asked to update your Superuser binaries.

Tap Continue on this first dialog, then choose Normal as your method of installation. When the process is finished, you should get a message telling you that installation was successful.

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Just reboot your phone now, and you'll have an awesome Superuser management app that will keep malware at bay. If SuperSU gives you a message that says "Installation Failed", just reboot your phone and run the process again.

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Regardless of what it says after the second attempt, the binaries will be installed. Give your phone one last reboot at this point, and you should be all set. With a root app that you installed yourself whose developer you trust, just tap Grant on first run. If a shady app that you don't recognize asks for root, simply hit Deny and it won't be able to access your system partition. Now you're Nexus is rooted, but it's still secure. You can start joining in on all of the root fun now. Perhaps even give the Xposed Framework a try and see all of the Gadget Hacks that opens up.

This is honestly the easiest root method I've ever used. How long did it take you to root your phone or tablet? Let us know in the comments section below. But, when I installed superSU, it reported that the installation of the binaries was not successful. I did this yesterday, works perfectly on my Nexus 5 and keeps all data intact, it's a better way to root than other methods because of the data retention for me at least. That will automatically detect your device, download the appropriate version of TWRP, and install it.

How to root and update Nexus 5 to Android 4.4.4 KTU84P:

In fact, rooting Android KitKat on both the and original N7 models is easy, if not Step 4Connect Your Nexus 7 to Your Mac. If i want to root Nexus 7 , with android , with locked bootloader, i need to Is there any plans of adding Linux and/or Mac to NRT?.

This is fantastic! I had an old Samsung that ran Froyo and it had the ability to be rooted with the same relative ease. I thought super fast, one button push rooting was a thing of the past with newer Android versions. Hey I have a Nexus 5 running 4.

How to Root Google Nexus 5 Running Android 5.0/4.4.4

I wanted to know if I could use this method to root my phone and is there any chance that my phone could get bricked. I have a Nexus 5 running 4. Can I phone be rooted by this method and can it get bricked? Also is this the safest method there is? That being said, this method can't really "brick" your device. The worse that can happen if that it won't root your device. Just wanted to ask if I needed to unlock my bootloader before I use this method of rooting my phone.

Just another question. My phone seemed to have downloaded 4. Would this still work if I update? So after a lot of thought, I finally caved and rooted my phone. Worked like a charm. I then checked to see if my bootloader was unlocked but it wasn't.

1.Kingo Root

Does it need to be unlocked for doing any customisation purposes? You'll need to unlock it to install a custom recovery. You'll need a custom recovery if you want to install new ROMs. But, for customization, all you really need at least to start with is Xposed, which does not require an unlocked bootloader.