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I personally liked Lindir in AUJ.

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But the problem is that he's completely fictional and there wouldn't be space for him in the faction: Erestor is already great in supporting aspects, and he's totally canonical regarding the lore sources. And Erestor uses Lindirs soundset. As Lindir in the movie is just another name for Erestor, he is already included.

I would see Lindir in the movie similar to Iorlas instead of Imrahil and Beregond. Lindir behaves exactly as Erestor would. Therefore it is nothing but a name for me. True, they basically have the same identical role. With the only exception that one is canonical and the other isn't.

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And now, with Minecraft more popular than ever, some may be wondering how they can turn their favorite map in Minecraft into a Game of Thrones style RPG sandbox. To access the. I would die to take any closer look into some of this memorabilia! I am running the latest version on 1. Because I really like it and enjoyed.

I wish they had just named him Erestor in the movie, but that may have created confusion since it sounds similar to "Erebor. I unisnt. Still crush some time in midle of game :3 I i just reapot this.. I have exams this week and the next one.

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You're diabolic Edain Team I. I believe the path of the Edain was available when 4. In your skirmish maps it should be named Mission: The Path of Edain. I was waiting for song long, now I say good bye to the outside world and I can finally lock myself on my room to play day and night. Some of my thoughts about Edain 4. Whenever i play them, the fps usually drop below 25fps and in large battle, it's fps. I get stable fps with other factions. I have an i5 6k5 and a gtx, but i guess this game is still a challenge for my pc. The new ring hero system is well done.

Wherever gollum is killed, it become the hot spot on the battle field. I did have the ring stolen by AI Sauron. Guess what, he returned to his base and never came out again. The one ring is too precious for him so he decided to keep it inside his base. My army would be in real trouble if he did battle me.

So the new ring system do get the AI hero pick up the ring but it just like to prevent player from getting the ring. I hope edain team can improve this in next patch. I still have hope that there will be an Evil Men faction. Will there be one? The reinforcement spell is really crappy in my opinion.

So is there any chance to see an Evil Men faction? The Evil Men are a plausible choice for the next two new factions that can still be added to the game; but, if they are really to be implemented, that will happen not before the last planned faction is released the Misty Mountains. The Edain Team has never given any precise statement on the matter though. Thus, everything is pure speculation ;. If you think about it, the Evil Men were never as subdued to Sauron as the Orcs naturally were; they aided Mordor from their motherland, but they in fact didn't really belong to Mordor itself.

Their actual implementation via the spellbook exactly shows that they are not servants of the Dark Lord always available, and that they arrive from far and mysterious lands of Middle-earth.

Better Than Wolves Mod 1.5.2 Download Links:

The current mod installation process on the BTW forum is quite Since it's in Java and it works in MacOS, odds are it'll also work in Linux. There are two methods to install Better Than Wolves, you can use an archive utility This is the standard method to install Minecraft mods. Note For Mac Users: In whatever method you use to move the BTW files into your.

The spell to call reinforcements is actually very good and clever but Atleast there should be a new spell I don't know which spell should be replaced by this to increase the reinforcements like Gondor has? Nevertheless, if used properly, these allies do make difference in the game and do have some chances to turn the tide of the battle. That said, I strongly believe that they don't need to be enhanced at all. Mordor already controls two mighty subfactions: Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul. The faction can also dispose of the forces in surveillance of Cirith Ungol.

Add this to the already variegated warfare of Mordor itself and to the allies you call via the spellbook. Wouldn't implementing other type of reinforcements be eventually redundant? Why is the Dunedain in the Imladris army? Why does Ered Luin have Lake-town? Gadriel nides more power : in the End she is The one that cast Sauron in Abbys Galadriel is at a good spot at the moment.

She has enough power for her role a support hero if she is given too much power she will become too strong. As for the Ring Hero forms they are also well balanced. Giving too much power against units to a support hero will make her overpowered. As for the famous fortresses you can already see the Orthanc in Edain's Isengard cursed , Minas Morgul has also been recreated although Glorfindel23 has also made his own edition. We have yet to see a map of Barad Dur yet but one may soon appear.

She give to Sam 3 sead..

Minas morgul and other like barad dur ar not realy you.. Minas morgul? Thanks :. About Galadriel, the seeds she gives to Sam are actually directly taken from the book, the movie replaced it with the rope when they decided to remove the Scouring of the Shire. Barad-Dur is a very complicated map to make, because of the shape it has and, unlike Isengard, the tower is both the castle and citadel few mappers attempt it.

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Most maps will end up flattening out the citadel. I always play in Epic battle mode, and the CP start with , and suddenly goes back to CP, it takes around 5 to 10 sec whenever the game starts.

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So whenever I play, I have to struggle to make enough CP to sustain my army while the AI starts to attack me with atleast 10 hordes in the beggining of the game. I already dealt above with the possibility of an Evil Men faction in the Edain Mod. You only have to check my previous replies above, where I answered similar questions as yours. It does exist a place the link below in the official forum in which you can share your ideas and suggestions concerning that human-based faction proposal; you can also vote for a poll :.

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We use cookies to enable you to log in, set your site preferences, analyse site traffic, personalise content and provide relevant advertising. Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. Edain Mod 4. One Ring to rule them all. Hiarch Aug 1 Appreciate all the work the whole team does. Avid Fans of the series may recognize some of the weapons and armor added to this mod as well. Depending on the Faction you choose to join, different armor sets become available for you to request.

Iconic swords such as Ice, Needle, and Oathbreaker have also been included in the mod, so fans of the series can get into character and explore the known world as their favorite scheming, backstabbing, throne-chaser. To make your life a little easier, I wrote up a quick How-To Guide to get you started adding these features to your own game. The first thing you need to do to play this mod is to install Minecraft Forge. Once this is done click Play to commit these changes.

Close out Minecraft once again and move on to the next step. The mod should now be installed on your computer. However, if you want a map of the world you will still need to install the Game of Thrones map from the WesterosCraft website. After this is done, you should have no problem loading the map in Minecraft and playing Game of Thrones! Lastly, just drag and drop the Resource Pack that you want into the folder and you should be able to select it from the Resource Packs menu right away.

Most video games have colorful casts of characters that draw players in and help sell their narratives, but only a select few have made the [ The Resource Pack This map will work fine with the vanilla Minecraft default Resource Pack, but if you want to experience it the way the map creators intended, downloading the Resource Pack from their site is the way to go. The Mod But what if you want to take your Minecraft game to the next level, with characters, factions and weapons from the series itself?

Mobs Besides Factions, there are over 60 mobs specific to the mod as well. Weapons and Armor Avid Fans of the series may recognize some of the weapons and armor added to this mod as well.

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Installing the Mod The first thing you need to do to play this mod is to install Minecraft Forge. Featured Top Iconic Video Game Characters Most video games have colorful casts of characters that draw players in and help sell their narratives, but only a select few have made the [ Twitter My Tweets. Top Games.