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Gone Too Soon: Remembering Mac Miller (1992-2018)

With each of these projects, we got to see a different side of Miller.


The sweet, boyish kid who just wanted to have fun, the introspective songwriter and the complex musician and producer. The high-pitched, distorted voice that we heard on previous mixtapes got a name when the self-titled Delusional Thomas mixtape was released Nov. Although the album was recorded all in the same style, that of the lead character Delusional Thoma, who was directing the nightmarish scenes, Miller was performing lyrical aerials over our heads.

While Miller was prolific in the studio, he also spent a lot of his early career on tour. From , he went on tour five times, released two albums and six mixtapes. At one point before the end of , he had four different musical projects in the works. In May , Miller released his 12th and last mixtape, which was probably his darkest and most complex.

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I started to wonder my favorite rapper had a problem with drugs since the themes on the album relied heavily on addition, paranoia and death. These are three are some of my favorite things in the world and hearing them in songs by someone whose music I was a fan of was just more validation as to the kinship I felt with the artist. Faces sounded like the most real and challenging project that Miller released. He is exorcising all his inner demons and letting them dance on the keys.

There is also an underlying sense of hope that runs throughout the mixtape.

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Records and his own REMember Music label. The label he founded and named after his friend Reuben Eli Mitrani who died in It sounded like Mac was getting back on the right track with his headspace throughout the album. Go Fish! Later, Miller would say that many of the songs on this album were written years before and he packaged them together for this album. But unlike some of his past albums, it sounded incredibly well-produced. Instead, Miller sounds patient as he raps on the 13 tracks. While still being incredibly forthright about his mindset and feelings throughout the album, he is putting his musical knowledge to use.

He thought his lifestyle was going to catch up to him back then. But, he kept working through it until it did finally get the best of him. When Miller was 15 years old, he decided to make music his full-time job. When he moved to Los Angeles, he put a studio in his poolhouse.

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He was constantly alluding to projects and would quietly drop random singles. He was a man who was dedicated to his craft. I predict we will hear a lot of music in the future — especially since his brother Miller McCormick is an illustrator and the two worked closely together on each album cover. Powered By:.

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JavaScript is required. Muchachos - Mac Miller, Dhani Harrison. Download this track.

Loud - Mac Miller. Fight the Feeling - Mac Miller. The Question - Mac Miller. Clarity - Mac Miller. Sunlight - Mac Miller.

Mac Miller - Senior Skip Day

America - Mac Miller. Fuck 'Em All - Mac Miller. Desperado - Mac Miller. The Mourning After - Mac Miller. Lucky Ass Bitch - Mac Miller. Vitamins - Mac Miller. Ignorant - Mac Miller. Thoughts from a Balcony - Mac Miller. Aliens Fighting Robots - Mac Miller. Best Day Ever - Mac Miller. Get Up - Mac Miller.

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Lastest Epsiode. Topics: Mac Miller, in memoriam, sensitivity, race, politics, death, suicide, pills, drugs, drug culture, Always gave you what was in his heart and soul. Though still tragic to lose people that young even if X seemed to be a scumbag, I wouldn't wish death upon him. To me, his album release date was like Christmas, and each new song was a gift.

Donald Trump - Mac Miller. Oy Vey - Mac Miller. I'll Be There - Mac Miller. Wear My Hat - Mac Miller. Wake Up - Mac Miller.

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Down the Rabbit Hole - Mac Miller. In the Air - Mac Miller. Play Ya Cards - Mac Miller. Life Ain't Easy - Mac Miller. Keep Floatin' - Mac Miller. Snooze - Mac Miller. All Around the World - Mac Miller. She Said - Mac Miller. Guild - Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller. REMember - Mac Miller.

Watching Movies - Mac Miller. Matches - Mac Miller.

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