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Thunderbolt Card for Mac Pro

However, as clearly stated, it does not come with any SSD's on the card. You must select and buy those separately, which is a huge advantage over integrated card solutions as it makes it very affordable and easy to replace a failed SSD or to upgrade to a larger size.

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Works great i'd recommend this network card if your looking for a card for your hackintosh or mac pro. This solved all my on board disconnection issues on my niresh hackintosh. After installing a USB 3. It was very easy to set up and I do get much faster speeds through it that I did with 2.

For example when I have a flash drive plugged in, and then put in a SD card nothing happens. If I remove the flash drive and then plug in the SD card it comes right up.

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This is a minor annoyance but keeps it from getting a perfect rating. In Stock. I've used it several times and I've not had any problems at all. Add to cart.

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Add a Thunderbolt port to Mac Pro tower by chris If it's possible, presumably would be via a PCIe card. Google isn't really helping as I'm mostly finding references to external expansion chassis that host a bunch of PCIe cards, and connect to the computer via Thunderbolt so effectively the reverse of what I'm after. Found one or two hits suggesting there needs to be some kind of support for Thunderbolt on the motherboard itself, such that what I'm after isn't possible. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Thunderbolt is several times faster than the PCI architecture ….. Now available for consultations and audio engineering jobs. Oxfordshire based but can and will travel.

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Jan 22, 9: Jan 22, 3: Jan 22, 5: It is not "physically impossible" as a matter of size or whatever, it's impossible because Thunderbolt is a new bus architecture that requires a new and different chipset. What you'd need is a new "mother board" that incorporated the T-bolt capabilities as part of the fundamental design.

Apple makes such a board, but unfortunately it is very expensive, not currently available, and only fits in the new Late Mac Pro case Jan 22, 8: We have historically also had display protocols that had a times a second screen re-draw, whether the data had changed or not. DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort changes that, so the screen-redraw bandwidth is used only when the screen actually changes.

When the screen stops changing, DisplayPort goes quiet. That wildly-variable screen data was originally combined onto the other side of a ThunderBolt cable. To get a "true" ThunderBolt port, you would have to pick up that display data from the graphics card, re-route it onto another PCIe card, and combine it with the basic ThunderBolt data to get "true" ThunderBolt.

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Use Apple iMac driver package with slight modification for Mac Pro 5. . Sonnet designed Echo Express Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe card. The expandability of a tower design like the old Mac Pro means it and Thunderbolt) you have to throw out a lot of your old gear and an . The NewerTech MACPower is another card PCIe card in the USB PCI card game.

Intel has told us this is too messy and they won't make the chips for an add-on card of ANY description, not even a Data-only ThunderBolt card. Jan 24, 8: Intel wasn't impressed. They didn't even hesitate before rejection.

In NEED for SPEED? Asus ThunderboltEX 3: FAST Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Card

Not talked much about, there are developers outside of Intel's developer process. Their products don't get a Thunderbolt label and don't have approval. No idea how they buy their chips. So far I have never seen one that worked as well as one that made it through what I would consider the excessive, overly expensive and very long approval process. Thunderbolt occupies 4 pci-e lanes, there are 8,16 and in some computers 32 lane slots available.


Jan 24, I was just asking since nobody can seem to provide ANY proof that thunderbolt could be added to any computer not desgned for it. Every fact points to what Intel has already confirmed ; Thunderbolt cannot be added to any computer not designed to accommodate it from the start. People keep referencing Asus' never released motherboard as an example, yet fail to recognize that it was designed for thunderbolt and the card is just a feature enabler.

The same can be said about PowerPC. Its the same answer for Thunderbolt; Computers were far more simple back then, modern computers are far too complex to add technology years newer than them. They are also much faster!

Thunderbolt Expansion with the New Mac Pro and PCIe Cards

All other Macs Laptops, iMacs, Minis have no expansion slots, which means adding thunderbolt would be physically impossible even if there were a thunderbolt card! PC users don't want anything to do with thunderbolt since its very expensive, entirely focused on Apple products and most PCs have internal PCI-e slots see the above paragraph. Thus the entire argument about "why won't anyone make a Thunderbolt card" is completely pointless and needs to stop.