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You can also use an overlapped terminal simultaneously with file panels. With Nimble Commander, you can browse archive files like regular folders, and access separate items within them without unpacking the whole data.

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Compression into Zip archives is supported, too. You can also open remote files in other applications for editing; your changes will be uploaded back to the server.

You can also access the extended file attributes of a selected item and handle them like regular files. Just toggle the admin mode and gain an unrestricted root access within the same file panels. Are you missing UI with monospaced font? Here is the Classic Presentation, which allows you to use the traditional layout without sacrificing the modern integration level.

It is literally two key presses away. You can use the handy user interface to make hard links, or to edit existing or create new symbolic links.

No terminal is required. Free App Store. Paid App Store. As for hotkeys, you can assign your own for certain actions. You should disable the functionality of Function keys so that you could map specific keyboard shortcuts to F-Keys. Avoid this company.

Smarter smart folders

Integrates useful utilities, protocols, viewers and editors. Path Finder can be configured to automatically open and edit word documents, text, and image files. Looking for the best Mac file management software to optimize macOS Sierra and enhance Mac performance? This post will show you the top.

I bought other software from this company, and found it doesn't work as advertised. Unfortunately they don't offer a trial version of this "pro" features. You MUST buy a license to even try them out. Some features are extremely buggy. The company claims to have a money back guarantee, but I found this to be a false claim. I sent them screen capture videos demonstrating the bugs and shortcomings of the software. Basically, it does not work as advertised. I recommend avoiding purchasing or even using this company's software. Late last year their software was found to be bundles with malware.

Just do a google search. Also, as we value our customers, if for some reason they did not have enough time to test the product within a trial period, they always may request to extend the trial period of Commander One PRO for 15 more days.


I would like to inform you that we always stick to our Refund Policy. The customer is always getting the refund if the case appeared to be eligible for refund. As for malware, yes, this happened to our software, but it was fixed within a day. Now ESET has confirmed that there is no malware on our page where the applications are distributed.

When I started a new job recently and got a Mac for the first time, this was the first upgrade I looked for. The free Commander One worked great, but then I was looking for a better terminal for the Mac, and found that the Commander One pro pack had that, so I gladly upgraded. Sync options. The list of sync options is impressive as well.

1. SyncMate for Mac

So the aforementioned file would become [Thu]—Online Review. SyncMate Expert. Buy a license. The Unarchiver supports more formats than I can remember. If the file is large, only a tiny part of it will be loaded into the memory, which enables you to handle even multi-gigabyte files.

Starting from personal data to media files and folders. SyncMate offers several non-sync options like device mounting, SMS management and others. SyncMate is probably the most feature-rich featured app in this list and the only one that allows syncing data from numerous devices and accounts with Mac apps iCal, Address Book, iTunes, etc. ChronoSync is a handy utility for not just syncing data, but backing it up and restoring as well.

The list of supported devices is not really big. You can sync data between Mac computers and iOS devices only, syncing with other non-Apple devices or accounts is not offered.

Best File Management

ChronoSync allows syncing any type of files between Apple devices, whether you need to sync media files or documents - ChronoSync can do this for you. Not a bad tool for files synchronization, but impossibility to sync personal data and support of Apple devices only which in fact can be synced without any third-party apps frustrates a little.

Hope developers will expand the list of supported devices and sync options offered for them. Though Synchronize! You can even make a bootable backup to a disk image over a network.

The List of Best Mac Synchronization Software

In case of this app it would be more correct to name this section Backup options. There is a lot of them in fact. You can back up personal data as well as folders with files. Besides this Synchronize!