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The application supports system folders, FTP sites and even cloud storage folders, and provides customisable options, so that the results display the aspects that users are interested in. Although the interface will take some time to get to grips with, comparison displays are colour-coded, making differences obvious.

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Ultimately, the true value of Beyond Compare is that it provides a means of analysing and comparing files, folders and directories without the need for an abundance of technical knowledge. While many file comparison applications place a strong emphasis on text comparisons, Beyond Compare is compatible with a huge number of file types and displays results in a way that can be easily interpreted and acted upon.

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Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Softonic review Beyond Compare is a data comparison and file management utility, developed by Scooter Software. Easy Comparisons and Analysis Ultimately, the true value of Beyond Compare is that it provides a means of analysing and comparing files, folders and directories without the need for an abundance of technical knowledge. I use Kaleidoscope.

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Or just plain, old diff from the CLI. It is not great, but the FileMerge bundled with the OS can be launched from the command line as opendiff a. DiffMerge from Sourcegear is simple and free.

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Kaleidoscope is great too, and has a beautifully designed UI. It's also worth mentioning if you're doing programming that Xcode 4 has visual diff tools built in now too. There's also DeltaWalker. Can be installed using Homebrew via command: brew install meld , but probably it won't work. Can be installed using Homebrew via command: brew install kdiff3. Can be installed using Homebrew via command: brew install tkdiff.

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Check also Comparison of file comparison tools at Wikipedia for the full list. There are a great many comparison tools available. Many do directories and files. Some even perform as merge tools 2 and 3 way. Of these some have already been mentioned in other answers and your choice will depend on what features you require, and how much you are prepared to pay for the tool. There is a good Wikipedia page with a comparison of many of the better known ones.

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The difference is an exact number of quarters of an hour up to 95 same minutes modulo 15 and seconds if the file was transported across zones; there is also a one-hour difference within a single zone caused by the transition between standard time and daylight saving time DST. Beyond Compare 4. Beyond Compare is one of the best compare and merge applications for macOS. Update: I made the mistake not to specify that I am also looking for a tool that does directory comparison, not only files. Beyond Compare Screenshots. Open the same file or folder in both the left and right comparison panes, then use the Versions button to compare a file or folder with another revision of itself. Point-and-click merging helps you choose the parts of each file that you would like to add to a final merged version by simply clicking buttons.

It works really nicely. Download it here for Mac and Linux. Visual diff of an image:. It has been maintained and enhanced with productivity and friendliness oriented changes, with effort focused on making a first-class, maintainable tool for today's active developers. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

What file comparison tool can I use under OS X? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 5 months ago. Active 3 years, 8 months ago. Viewed k times. Read more about locked posts here. It is possible in the paid version of the app only. Resume You can use the Duplicate Detective free trial mode to find out how many and what type of equal files you have on your Mac in several seconds. Gemini 2 is an application by the MacPaw company, which focuses on the products for Mac.

This app scans files and folders on your disk and detects twin and similar files. Gemini 2 can search duplicates of files on your Mac, including the Photos Library and iTunes Media folders. The app takes up The Gemini 2 app has a free trial, which available on the MacPaw website. The free trial of the app allows you to clean up MB of duplicates only.

When you launch this duplicate file cleaner, you will see a start window which asks to choose folders for scanning. You can drag and drop a folder to this window or click on the Plus button to select folders from Finder. Then you just click on the Scan for Duplicates button and in a few minutes, you will see the scan results with two options: Review Results and Smart Cleanup. Then, you can select one of the following steps:. Gemini 2 also finds Similar Files.

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This means that the app finds items with common parameters that slightly differ from each other. For instance, the images can be taken in the same location by one camera, with a difference of just 2 seconds. So, the app will allow you to look at these alike photos, in case you wish to remove one of them.

However, in the case with screenshots, the app detects absolutely different files as similar. You can set the scanning process in Preferences, depending on your needs. Click on Ignore List to add files, folders, and files of particular extensions you want to skip during the scanning. You can also create a list of folders where Smart Cleanup has to remove duplicates, and a list of folders from which duplicates should never be selected. Resume You can use Gemini 2 for free in the case, you want to remove a small number of useless replicas of files from your Mac in less than a minute.

But keep in mind, that Gemini 2 is not correctly detected similar files, so you can without looking remove important items. You should also be careful with the Smart Cleanup option. The Cisdem company provides different applications for Mac users, including the Cisdem Duplicate Finder app.

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One of the few diff tools that works with more than just text and image files, Araxis For people working on both Windows and Mac, it's great to know that a single In case you're looking for a free alternative to the standard FileMerge app, you . Powerful 2-way or 3-way file and folder compare, folder sync, Excel file compare, and much more. Learn more and download the free trial, here. UltraCompare is built to edit the large files that cause other comparison tools to crash. People.

This app scans your Mac files and folders to find equal files and similar pictures. The app has a simple interface, takes up 8. However, the free trial of the app does not allow you to delete duplicates. It is only possible in the paid version. The process of finding duplicate files using the Cisdem Duplicate Finder app is almost the same as with previous ones.

FreeFileSync: Folder Comparison

You just need to complete these steps:. The scanning process may take some time. It depends on the options you have chosen in the Preferences. You can scan by File Content or File Name and vary the size of scanning files. It also depends on how many folders you are going to scan. It is better to scan your Mac Home Folder or other data in batches. You can create an Ignore List of files, folders, and files of particular extensions before the scanning process.

File and folder comparison and synchronization.

Unfortunately, the app detects very different files as similar, so be careful with this option. Resume You can use a free version of Cisdem Duplicate Finder to check to see for all the duplicates that you have on your disk.

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It will take several minutes. Besides that, the process of detecting similar pictures is unclear, inaccurate and slow. Also, unlike other reviewed apps, Cisdem Duplicate Finder does not recognise the. HEIC photos extension. So if you transfer photos from your iPhone 7 or later model to your Mac, this app will not detect these new photos type as duplicates.

Duplicate Sweeper scans folders on your Mac and finds duplicates.

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Note that the Duplicate Sweeper free trial does not allow you to delete duplicates. This duplicate file remover takes up 3. To start using this program that deletes duplicate files on a Mac, take the following steps:.