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Hey guys this is my first tab so I don't know how accuerate this is. I coudn't find this. Think you always ri [ Em ] ght. It's just talkin' but I know you mi [ G ] ght. You [ Em ] play your part, I'm playin' mine. See me, say what up and I'm actin' like I don't know them [ Em ]. I [ G ] 've been on the same shit. We run into each other and it's like we don't even speak the same lan [ Em ] guage.

Didn't think I would lose you once I got fa [ G ] mous. Said baby I got mi [ Em ] ssed calls and emails. Said baby I got mi [ G ] ssed calls and emails. Everyone got together backstage and decided to see just how boring they could be? The endgame of all this is that Orton and his team have decided that unless he main events WrestleMania, which he had the legal right to do as he had won the Royal Rumble, then they would file an injunction and this year there would be NO WrestleMania.

I always love it when they do this, because you really see who the real stars are on the show as they never appear. Like, look at that image above. You see John Cena? Big Show? Nope nope nope. Ok, look.

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I said before I like Shane. He was an ok wrestler. I should note Kofi has never been a heel before This means he was not a heel in But ya gots to show the peeps just how tough Shano Mac is! So what did all this lead to? View all posts by: RD Reynolds. That way he never truly loses control of WWE. It does get weird during relations with HHH though.

That way she can become the New Supreme.

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Her voice could have been like that for any number of reasons. Or she could have caught a COLT. Either one of those could have SPURred on her throaty voice. Somebody make it so! His days leading The Mean Street Posse made him hard and fast. Also speaking of horrible, wwe network just an hour or so ago added the april 14th, 97 raw. This is the one that had a horrible simulcast from south africa.

It is considered to be one of the worst raws ever, and is also known for being the final straw that broke the camels back and the reason vince decided to make vince russo the new head writer of raw because he wanted raw to be just like the raw magazine that russo had been writing for.

Vince knows his days are numbered at this point, so he announced in his will that his heel powers go to Stephanie. Her voice so bad from screaming at daddy to give her a new title no one on earth ever had and also a golden egg!

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That also explains where Lucy the dog was ultimately going, she would become Zuul. The answer is obvious to all conspiracy theorists, anyone that runs the company for a significant period of time finds that their TV voice turns into this growling, vindictive character, due to a curse placed on Vince by his father due to the controversial nature of the WWWF sale. The worst part of the curse is that HHH will become financially astute but lose all presentation skills, such is the after effect to those who marry into the McMahon bloodline.

Down where? Controversy Creates Nads. Way back when Undertaker kidnapped Steph and performed that ritual thingy on her? It is part of the agreement in her eventual taking over of the company. The whole thing with Steph is towards the end of when she was GM of Smackdown her voice started to be noticably different.

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Ein X Kai Mo Meegs. Damn bro! Dan IdlabsMusic September 7, What's the Use? TAB4U is strict about accuracy of the chords Across the University of Nebraska, our focus is on building a better tomorrow. Solar Lilly.

A little more deeper. The rest of the story is about Randy Orton, the McMahon family, his lawyers, and therapists. This was a good induction but like Vince Russo we got a swerve!

You talked more about Orton and Stephanie than you did Shane and I fail to see how this story made him wrestlecrap worthy. I see that this story made Randy Orton wrestlecrap worthy and Stephanie punchline worthy… insert own joke here.

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Does this bug you? Explanation: Stephanie is the vessel of Gozer the Gozarian. The only reason she has yet to attempt to conquer mankind is because she is convinced Cena is either a god or a ghostbuster. Another great induction.

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Complete tab with easy chords in the right position. Mac Miller Missed Calls chords & tabs. 2 tabs found. Missed Calls · Mac Miller. 6. CRD. Missed Calls · Mac Miller. UKU. Sign in or create account Guitar tabs Top.

That fake Seamstress Sandra twitter account is effing hilarious too. Seriously, listen to Triple H, Steph and Waltman. Want a less convincing Orton speech? I read an interview a few years back, with him almost trying to defend the angle. Her voice is like that because behind all the makeup and fake breast implants she is really an 80 year old woman, people just tend to look better on TV. One of the main issues with this whole angle was it was hard to buy any of the McMahons as the faces in the feud.

They were overbearing bosses who manipulated their employees. In , Steve Austin became the biggest face in the company by defying them. In , Randy Orton does the same thing and is somehow the villain.

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But the last time we saw any of them, they were all portrayed as dastardly heels, so why were we supposed to all of the sudden cheer them? At least 4 years later, they turned Stephanie and Triple H heel again with Orton on their side lol , its just a more natural role for them, even if they still can be boarish and overbearing. As for Shane, its kind of sad this was his last run in the company, but I hated it that he was able to fight off 3 men all by himself for several weeks. Triple H, Batista and Cena all were able to fight Legacy single-handedly with little problem.

End of story. I picture Vince getting down on his knees begging her to do it, but she just screams no.

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The issue gets dropped for years, but than Vince flirts with the idea of making Triple H his bastard child, leading to her making her voice hoarse again and ruining her voice even more. I remember that was the most vicious trolla product ever. The explanation is simple.

After 20 years, the batteries were running pretty low…. Yeah those punches are cringeworthy. I like Shane too as he clearly is the most sane Mcmahon and got out of WWE while the getting was good, and doing well with his OnDemand service. But while he gave it his all in the ring, and an alright character he had no business beating up Orton.

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You need to make Triple H look stronger! Fun induction, but I have a few questions. Is it possible Trips is slipping his wife something phrasing to turn her into Chyna, the voice, Muscle and Fitness cover…? Finally, how does one tell heel Orton from face Orton or even tweener Orton? The moveset, facial expressions and vocals are all the same. She spun around and the momentum of the spinning sent her into a Wal-Mart where she smashed through a pile of oranges. Steph kept shooting through aisles until she went through the Wal-Mart wall and flew around the Earth twice.

She landed back at home, without a scratch.