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Some beloved TV actors played McDonald's characters

Who knew you could go from Mayberry nuisance to the mayor of McDonaldland?

When you were a kid, going to McDonald's was more than a Happy Meal with a prize inside. The fast food joint was a miniature amusement park, especially if there was a PlayPlace out front, that plastic paradise of ball pits and slides. And who could forget the mascots? Ronald McDonald made his debut in The cheerful clown later had a new world of friends and foes when McDonaldland made its commercial debut in The television ads introduced new favorites through the early Seventies.

Captain Crook

Officer Big Mac is a McDonaldland character. He is similar in appearance to Mayor McCheese, only he is a humanoid character with a large Big Mac for a head. McDonaldland was a fantasy world used in the marketing for McDonald's restaurants from the Fry Guys and later the Fry Kids with the addition of the Fry Girls) while Mayor McCheese, Officer Big Mac, Captain Crook and the Professor.

The purple, pear-shaped Grimace adored his milkshakes. Hamburglar was always out to snag a beefy bite. Did you know that some notable television stars were behind these McDonaldland characters? In most cases, they provided the voices heard in commercials.

Mayor McCheese & Officer Big Mac

A couple of the performers below were in the costumes. Let's take a look. We start with the most widely known celebrity McDonald's performer.

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Willard Scott, who delivered the weather and birthday wishes on The Today Show for nearly two decades, was the first man to play Ronald. He originated the role in As you can see, Ronald had a much different look, with a box of food perched atop his noggin and a paper cup for a nose. Hamburglar made his debut in In , the patty thief got a makeover, transitioning from the more sinister figure up top the the boyish, bucktoothed fellow seen here.

Howard Morris, best known as the rambunctious mountain man Ernest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show , then took over as the voice.

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We'll hear more from Morris below…. Group of architectural-style brownline prints featuring the top three McDonaldland characters. Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese, and Officer Big Mac are all seen in full-figure poses; each on a sheet of vellum-type paper measuring approximately 30" x 47". The art is printed in reverse, with color codes noted in graphite on the obverse side.

All three pieces are rolled, with minor handling and edge wear. Very Good overall condition. Learn More. Auction Info Auction Dates. Dates, history, background, and value ranges are covered in the comprehensive new guide. Order Now! Floor auctions Open for bidding: The justice system in McDonaldland is a complete joke. Also, Hamburglar looks especially Noseybonk-y here.

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My final project for my Computer Arts class. I had to incorporate Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to create a short video interpreting lyrics. The giant Cheeseburger-head has been a continually perplexing presence throughout my life.

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A Tribute to Mayor McCheese

Model for an Officer Big Mac slide. Gee, Officer Mac! I want to live in this photo forever.

Mayor McCheese

Both McCheese and Pufnstuf were rendered as live-action, life-sized puppets with ridiculously large heads, and both had mayoral sashes as heads of their respective governments. More spoken articles. Or… wait. Related Posts. We start with the most widely known celebrity McDonald's performer. Cancel Delete.

The largest faith in your setting worships 8 greater gods: Ronald McDonald: Protects the innocent, feeds the hungry, and loves everyone even his rivals. His ever loving kindness and strength inspire many paladins and heroes.