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See the PopClip Extensions page. Quit PopClip 2. In the list "Allow the apps below to control your computer", highlight PopClip and then remove it using the "-" minus button. PopClip now supports many new actions, via extensions. Free Trial macOS Now with. Extensions Did you know you can add extra actions to PopClip for free?

Release Notes v1. I have fixed the annoying bug where "Icon Hidden" dialog would appear every time at startup if you have the menu bar icon hidden. Plus other minor tweaks and fixes.


Thanks to those who have reported bugs and made suggestions. Fixed an glitch that interfered with using the emoji picker. Fixed bug where PopClip would appear repeatedly when clicking in a Safari or Chrome address bar. Fixed bug where URLs copied by shift-clicking the Open Link action would be erroneously percent-encoded.

Corrections to the French translation. Fixed some rare crashes based on user-submitted crash reports. Smaller file size. Improved URL detection to recognize the new top level domains. New minimum system requirement is OS X The last version to support OS X The first batch will include extensions for OneNote and Trello. Look out for them at pilotmoon. Fixed bug where the AppleScript "appear" trigger would not work when PopClip is off. Fixed a crash on OS X PopClip has a cleaner, flatter appearance. The iOS6-style gloss has been retired, and I hope you will agree it now looks more worthy of your Mac in Ready for OS X Yosemite.

PopClip is ready for the next version of OS X. Thanks to the beta testers who have been sending feedback. PopClip works faster and more reliably, especially when selecting large amounts of text. Now it should easily cope with 10, characters or more, where it often used to fail. Fixed finally! Fixed not appearing when selecting italic text in Word.

Fixed dictionary action not appearing when selecting the first word of a bulleted paragraph in Word. Fixed PopClip prefs menu not closing when clicking outside the window.

music notation software that lets you create your way

Fixed bug where tooltips would sometimes stay on screen after PopClip had disappeared. Fixed bug where the preferences window would sometimes become blank, with no content. Fixed bug where PopClip caused drop-down menus in Firefox to behave weirdly. Improved the accuracy of the Word Count extension, particularly for Chinese and Japanese texts.

Requires a Mac with a bit processor. How can I resolve this issue?? The learning curve has been rough but im getting there! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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Follow our Twitter. Advertise with us. Submit an Apple-related tip or fix. Tell a friend to "Go MacYourself. Software Tips. Run Software Update Apple is continuously pushing out new updates for their software to fix bugs, improve compatibility, and add features. Show the full date in the menu bar The Mac menu bar only shows the day of the week and time in the upper-right corner. Install Growl Growl is a notification system that a ton of popular Mac applications support. Tags: mac , os x , software. I do like Safari, but I also agree with you that everybody should install Firefox. Scott Brown May 9th, , AM.

Vanessa June 26th, , AM. Now how about a sequel? Sondra June 27th, , AM. Anyone help?

Ant June 27th, , PM. I prefer The Unarchiver instead of Stuffit Expander. Much better. Tim September 5th, , AM. Kevin Kendall September 26th, , PM. Melanie October 7th, , AM. Thanks so much for this! Its been a great help to answer a few questions. I have just one more that I cant find the answer to.

magicplan. The #1 floor plan app.

Fortunately I had all my Time Machine backups on an external and after installing a new SSD drive and restoring my Mac is almost like new again. Simply drag content into tiles 2. In-app purchase: EtreCheck also provides a Power User in-app purchase that goes beyond the text-based report. New Release FreeMind 1. I am Impressed!!

My email address has been linked to my mac mail, how can i undo this? John October 9th, , PM. Get Right Zoom, it adds a quick key command to fit any window to your screen. Big Cao June 15th, , AM.

Un programa gratis para Mac‚ por wallbase

Wheely June 17th, , PM. Dru November 23rd, , PM. Daniel wilson January 16th, , PM. Emma January 21st, , PM. Kev January 26th, , AM. Jack February 10th, , PM. Jamie February 14th, , PM. T March 13th, , AM. Questions: How do I rename MS word files in windows right clicking on the name of a file would enable it to simply be changed?

And driving my OCD a bit crazy… Thanks! I manually changed it back. But it has never happened before so quite concerned. Heinrich March 18th, , AM. Terry April 28th, , PM. Robin B June 12th, , AM. Kasper J June 22nd, , AM. Thanks a lot for the hints. Especially bullet , I had not found out about it myself! Russ June 26th, , PM. Kimberly October 13th, , PM. Jack December 22nd, , PM. Hassan December 22nd, , PM.

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This old Mac favorite is a serious recording tool for beginners and enthusiasts, and it's free for all Mac users to download. You can record audio. Let's face it – buying a Mac isn't cheap, but you can help justify some of Its annotation tools make it indispensable for anyone who works in a.