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Mar 7. Sep 3. Yeah, the last 'stable' release of FF was over 12 months, August Sorry we didn't make a new release yet. Would you like to help make a release? Try compiling the last stake release from August last year? I think I have come across this before. It could be to do with 2 characters using same Unicode slot. Will check closer later I don't get this. I'm having issues lately with some extended characters using Fontforge Python extension.

Thank you, Dimitre. Python is in there now! Now I need to learn how to use it. I hadn't heard about Kernagic before. Could partly be resolved by optionally pre-populating the classes. Use Kernagic for this? I am running OS X Homebrew prefix is freshly installed. Library based on sources from GMT Jul This must already be resolved upstream. Does that fail to function for you? And finally using the binary from Fuuko isn't compiled with libspiro Any ideas? Thank you Dimitre. I tried to send one but the system blocked them because the message's size was beyond some limit.

Interestingly, I downloaded the source again from github and now it compiled and the new binary does not show the problem I reported! BTW, this new version expects some things that did not work on my system so I had to hack the code a bit. But this is because my system is a bit dated. Based on source from git with hash:9ba08dbd30c51c3fecdabd56d8f SplineFontPieceMeal going unhinted Though I am not entirely sure what the last thing means Could you post a screenshot?

Hello, I have just compiled fontforge on Solaris x In particular, there are no curves, only straight lines. Obviously, this is a bug but I have no idea what causes it. I have used gcc version 4. Kind regards, -- Apostolos Syropoulos. Please see attached screen shots. Kind regards, A. I'd like to allow spiro and bezier curves on the same glyph layer at the same time. This raises some questions about how to do this I wonder if anyone has any thoughts? I did a trawl and didn't find anything. Not a problem, Not all problems get reported, and sometimes fixing a problem you see and understand 'now' ends up fixing something else you weren't looknig at, or fixing something so it will never get reported in future because 'it works' now.

Focus on what you see and recognize as a problem when you find it 'now'. That's much easier to work with and it makes the tougher bugs shallow since you create fewer vectors of possible frustration when you nail the easy ones shut. But the code that is currently in there for UTF7 doesn't work. If I were to do it, I would probably rewrite.

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Here's a brand new trial version for the dearJoe IV handwritten script font. I've put quite some hours into it and I hope you like this somewhat. Dear Joe Four Font. Download the Dear Joe Four font by JOEBOB graphics. Dear Joe Four has been downloaded times.

Do you think some of the lower-level UTF8 patching I'm looking at now is of benefit to this higher-up routine? Frustrating all those bug reports with just segfault in the title. It would help if people could put a little more context into the subject line. GB, Martin. It always returns an empty string. This is because you never create a buffer.

It looks ugly as sin, but that may just be the nature of the problem. Anyway, I suggest that my patch fixes both of our problems. BTW, the first patch in my first message on this thread is the key patch that needs to be applied and I don't see it in the repo yet which fixes the segfault that can occur if you try to draw a curve that doesn't start with an on curve point. Yours, Martin. Here is some edits that can help you get started, but edit it to fit your needs - this may help This makes it easier to do pull-requests by more than one maintainer. Anything listed in github we're trying to vanquish close some issues?

From the ashes rise the Phoenix. We can keep polishing the Apple until we think it's perfect, but the problem with this is that nobody sees what's happening until the final thing is open for public viewing, and by that time, we may like some aspects of it, but there are some other aspects that could have been handled differently if we had an earlier say in the direction. Let's take FontForge as an example. Typefaces from Farmhouse Country.

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Creative Market link for Bourbon Lettering. Creative Market link for Beck McCormick. Indonesian digital artist, b. Creator of the hand-printed syabilawang , Littlesyabil , children's hand simulated and niakania , children's hand.

Patrick'sDaybyTom BA Graphics [Robert Alonso]. Bob Alonso b. Bronx, NY, , d.

With 33 years of experience at NewYork's Photo Lettering, he specialized in calligraphic script typefaces, but not exclusively so. Many of its fonts published after Alonso's death in were completed by John Bomparte. Bob was blessed with natural teaching abilities; and those in social and professional circles who had the good fortune to know him considered him not just a type designer but a mentor and a friend.

As one such person close to him put it, he was a "graphic technician I would like to think that attitude rubbed off on me. Along with this gift for teaching and explaining the complex, Bob exhibited a level of professionalism that was unsurpassed. A number of years ago when the need came to make the transition from the traditional to digital way of creating fonts, he rose to the challenge admirably.

Towards the last few years of Photo-Lettering, Bob played a vital role in the conversion to digital, of many of the typefaces within the collection, notably those fonts that carry the prefix PL. Bob was on the cutting edge of his best work, and in the circumstance of his untimely passing, left a measure of unfinished designs. However, the spirit of his typographic talents and his fine sense of humor lives on through the many much-loved, and popular fonts he has left us: fonts such as Cookie Dough, Equate, Elephant Bells and Pink Mouse, to name a few.

Alonso created these typefaces: Alex A child's hand script. Alexandra Script Alons Antique.

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And, in another typical Star Trek gimmick , she sings. You mean someone noticed I was at the Y for two hours a day for the better part of a decade? Cochin Italic The manager pulls threads from the fraying carpet and installs a can of air freshener into the vacuum cleaner. This can be a concern for Unix -like shell users and script writers, as the tilde is used relatively often compared to other symbols.

Alons Classic. Alonso Flair A flared pants typeface fnished after his death by john Bomparte.

Dear Joe Free Font

Animated Gothic. Bad Boy. Beaches and Cream A sans turned into a connected scrip. Black Rising A black military style face. Blog A 's style display egyptian. Bodoni Roma CEO Roman Cabernet Sauvignon Cafe Aroma. Calafragalistic California Sans. Caslon Manuscript Cedar Key.

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Champ Ultra A Western billboard font. Chicken Feet Chicken Soup Chunky Monkey. Coffee Black. Cookie Dough. Damage Control Deco Inline.

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Deep Rising Dime Store. Down Under. Elephant Bells. Ellington Manor. Equate Extreme A chalk writing font. Fashion Didot Felicity Script. Fools Gold. An inline typeface. Footloose A dynamic script typeface that was unfinished when Alonso died. John Bomparte finished it.

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Freaky Friday Extreme. French Vanilla.