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PC vs Mac for Photography

I have no intention of upgrading from Windows 7 until I buy a new computer, which may be some time from now. This is a load of crap from Adobe. It may just be time to dust off GIMP. As far as I can see, there is no operating system anywhere near as good as Windows 7. Windows 10 is completely untenable, in terms of privacy, and the interface, and many other things too.

Final Verdict

The choice may come down to your familiarity with either Windows or macOS. Posted January 9. I still have my MacBook in my drawer and I can use it whenever I want. They have some way to go to catch up. That would be fair imho.

I get 7 but why also cut out Windows 8. Especially when I got it for free when it first came out and rolled back because it sucked!! Again Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe need to install the latest telemetrics and spyware on your computers, so you need to upgrade to the latest os for them to capture more revenue….

When will this happen? I have windows 8 on my computer at work and hope to get PS CC but reading this somewhat crushes that hope. Good that I read this article then! Probalbly in october.

see url This article is not correct. So Windows 7 will stiill be supported. Then you should disconnect your machine from the internet now and make a point of telling nobody. Yes, how dare he not slavishly follow the masses and the social engineering designed by our overlords! What is the alternative if you use the software to make a living? Adobe took that option away. Please enlighten me since you are so intelligent. Another alternative might be to use a pirated version of their latest release and make a one-off donation to Adobe for the amount you might have paid a few years ago to buy it outright.

I used to think the subscription model was bad and like most petulent children stomped my feet, called them names, etc. Wait till MS goes subscription model for Windows…:. You sound like you work for Adobe…. I want to OWN my software, not hire it. Perhaps you just understand the reason why people pay to own things. Ownership is important to many people. I refuse to.

I want to know that I OWN everything on my computer and it will last forever. My computer is very personal to me. That seems like a mistake. I very much dislike forced upgrades. I love all the whining going on. They are not doing it to punish you, as much as you would like to believe that.

Grow up. Adobe had discountined full product purchase long time now. Subscription models are here and other software vendors, including MS, will soon follow. There are other products out there that are free. Please, for the sake of the compassion of Big Brother do not complain or think for yourselves! Adobe needs to re-think their attitude before they step in the Windows 10 fecal pile created by MS. I agree. Every release of CC Adobe software has had serious bug after serious bug. The bugs just never seem to end.

But as it is, when I hear about new releases is wondering if any of the bugs have been fixed yet, and how many new bugs will be introduced with the new release.

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I also hate all the background programs Adobe have started adding. Things running in the background creep me out. I have read this post and am surprised no one has a problem with all the numerous glitches, just one of them being a total crash at print queue. Since my business involves a huge amount of large format printing on VERY expensive printers, which I am not about to replace at this time, I say Adobe is pathetic.

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We have had customer service reps on the phone for 4 hours plus. They have blamed everything from Microsoft, to the drivers, to my files, to my network!!! Nah, it got worse. We found that older files must have some irregular or unreadable meta-data if they have been printed on previous versions of photoshop. This came from in use research, and there is nothing I can do but open a file, place it into a brand new file, flatten, save and send to print.

I fixed the problem. For many people, Windows 10 is simply not an option. It is absolutely hideous, and I could spend hours talking about all the things I hate about it. I absolutely HATE it.

Besides which, Why should anyone be forced to change their operating system if it works perfectly well? I paid for Windows 7 and I like Windows 7. Windows 7 is an excellent operating system that has nothing wrong with it at all. That is irrelevant to most people. What they have created with Windows 10 is, frankly, nightmarish and deeply sinister in terms of privacy. All image settings were held equal between machines for control, and all tests were run times to ensure accuracy.

Time required to import 1, images directly from the internal SSD drive on each machine. Custom PC — Images re-imported without any form of previews. This test measured the amount of time it took to scroll through RAW images within the Develop Module as we wait for each image to fully load on screen. Custom PC — Images in 1 Minute and Custom PC — 12 Seconds to Preview, Spread across 30 weddings a year for a typical studio , this is a 60 hour time difference in the time spent editing weddings.

In this Mac vs. I love Apple, especially while Steve Jobs was at the helm.

They were innovative, their products screamed quality, and they were a step ahead of the game. Now, they have lost much of that step. Apple is simply adding new products and updating product lines often times without much thought it seems. This can be seen in the horrid pen solution found in the iPad Pro where charging it requires you to have a spear sticking out of your iPad.

Still, I am a huge fan of Apple. I will most likely do another test with a Mac Pro against my same machine. I can guess that the Mac Pro will fair much better, but it will do it at 2x the price.

Mac vs. PC for Photographers: The Ultimate Guide

Hence for a larger studio, I will say that a well built custom PC is going to be the best solution. If you are building a custom PC do your research and use only the best components 2. Stop downloading freeware, crap files, torrents, movies, software, porn and any other illegal content and much of your problems will disappear. The honest truth is, I have spent just as much time in a Apple store at the Genius Counter getting my Apple machines repaired as I have maintaining my well built PCs. As mentioned, I have to do these tests for our studio anyway.

I will continue publishing results for anyone that is interested. Our goals are as always to maximize performance while creating reliable systems. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Forgot your password? Sign up for a new account here. SLR Lounge helps over 1. Premium Membership day Free Trial. Your account will be downgraded to a Free Account at the end of your Premium Membership trial. Pye Jirsa , 4 years ago 6 min read.


I have been an avid Mac user since college, it was what I was trained on. But I am looking into learning how to use Photoshop and the Adobe. Thus, at the end of the day, it is basically the battle of Windows vs Mac OS. ( Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and other third party apps).