How to use backspace key in mac

Top 15 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

I've covered shortcuts for Finder , iTunes , Safari and Spotlight. Here are ten shortcuts for general Mac use that didn't fit in any of the above apps.

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

If you are coming to Mac after a long tenure with Windows, then you might get tripped up when you click the red X in the upper-left corner of a window only to discover that the app is still running after the window closes. Unlike with Windows, the X button on a Mac closes the window but does not quit the app. To quit the app, use the keyboard shortcut Command-Q.

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Here are ten shortcuts for general Mac use that didn't fit in any of the above Windows keyboards have a backspace key and a delete key. Can someone let me know where the backspace key is on my new MacBook Pro ?? And what is the strange character on some of the shortcut.

The missing backspace key on a Mac keyboard is another difference that might trip up Windows converts. Windows keyboards have a backspace key and a delete key.

Using Mac Keyboards in a Virtual Machine

On a Mac keyboard, you get only a delete key. The delete key on a Mac, however, acts like the backspace key on a Windows keyboard.

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That is, it deletes the character to the left of the cursor. The delete key on a Windows keyboard does the opposite and deletes the character to the right of the cursor. To perform this maneuver on a Mac, press Function-Delete. You can use the Dock to switch apps, but your Mac also has an app switcher.

Hit Command-Tab to open the app switcher. While continuing to hold down the Command key, hit Tab again to move right through your open apps. You can also use the Command-Q shortcut in the app switcher to quit the app you have highlighted. Think of it as the Control-Alt-Delete for Macs. Select the troublesome app and click the Force Quit button to kill it.

You can click the little yellow dash button in the upper-left corner of a window to minimize it, but it might be easier to just hit Command-M to minimize the active window on your Mac.

How To: Delete Vs Backspace

On keyboards without a numeric keypad, you get these functions by pressing Fn plus the and keys. Once you know how, you'll be able to capture images within seconds. On the Mac, the big key on the number pad still says Enter, but the key on the alphabet keyboard is labeled Return. Apr 30, 3, 7. What is with apple's not including a delete key on mobile keyboards?

If you have multiple windows open of the same app, you can hit Command-Option-M to minimize all of them. When you use the volume, screen brightness or keyboard backlight brightness keys, you have 16 levels from which to choose.

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For finer control, hold down Shift-Option when adjusting volume or brightness. Each of the little blocks you see on the onscreen menu is sliced into quarters when you hold down Shift-Option for a total of 64 volume or brightness steps so you can get your levels just right. You likely use Do Not Disturb on your iPhone to silence alerts during certain times of your day or night. Do Not Disturb is oddly hidden in Notification Center.

You need to click the Notification Center icon in the upper-right corner of your Mac and then scroll down a bit to reveal the Do Not Disturb toggle switch at the top. You can reduce this click-swipe-click process to a single click by employing the Option key.

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Lehmann Junior Gimper. Mac Keyboard delete key not working as intended Transitioning to a desktop Mac with a Mac keyboard. In making a selection with the path tool and with all the prerequisites about alpha channel etc. With a non Mac keyboard, everything happens as it should. Is there a special key or combination of keys on a Mac keyboard to get the same results from the delete key as from a non Mac keyboard?

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I was pulling my hair out until I put my old keyboard back into operation and everything worked. I think there is also an issue with the "Command Key" on Mac Keyboard doing the function of the "Control" key on a non Mac Keyboard with certain tools.

Perhaps a section of the difference between keyboard usage using Gimp with Mac and Windoze would be helpufl. I know some keyboards can be a problem, I have a chrome netbook, running linux and some keys just missing del for example , usually get there with a menu entry.

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Thanks for the link. The other "delete" key on a Mac keyboard is the delete backwards or backspace key and will not delete in Gimp. Ofnuts Administrator. Lehmann Wrote: I found out that in order to "delete" with the Mac that the forward delete key works.