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Setting up PearPC for Windows

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Sign in with Twitter. Posted January 11, Booting the installation disc: 1. Insert the Xebian installation disc into the drive and power on the Xbox.

Open a console shell by clicking the "Terminal" icon on the task bar. Change to the super-user account with "su -".

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Make sure option 1 is selected and press enter to continue. Press enter to continue past this warning message. The default swap size is sufficient. Press enter to continue. You have purchased a copy of Mac OS X and made an image of it. As of this writing, 0. Use tar to decompress the file with tar -xzvf pearpc A directory called pearpc Go into this directory configure PearPC by running the configuration script as.

To explain, as of this writing, Xebian includes gcc 3. PearPC will exhibit odd errors when compiled with any gcc between 2.

How to Run Apple Applications on a PC

Unfortunately, gcc 2. This file is the compiled binary. Editing the PearPC configuration file and formatting the hard drive image 1. Start PearPC by typing ppc macosx.

enter site Start PearPC again. Your hard drive image is now properly formatted, and you are ready to install Mac OS X. Installing Mac OS X 1. I hve not tried using OSx Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted May 3, I have installed Jaguar and it works, but i want to test Puma. Have you a solution for that? Joined Tue Feb 12, pm Posts I installed it just fine using PearPC 0. Joined Sat Aug 22, pm Posts Worked for me here.

PearPC - How To Setup Mac OS X Puma

From what I remember, also only on 0. If you get "command line" text it's probably a kernel panic. How does PearPC emulate a Mac? Does it emulate a full PowerPC processor? For PearPC 0.

PearPC 0.4

Using the Create Configuration File wizard In the next screen, you have to supply a few pieces of information see Figure 2. Setup Basilisk II for Windows. Setup Mini vMac for Windows. A: This is a long-standing bug. Money doesn't determine how much something is done.

Also, did you use a preformatted HD file? I had problems with that. I was honestly hoping a post about Puma would be made, as I was thinking of posting one myself! I'm mentioning this in the event someone needs a larger disk, but doesn't want to get the error I did originally.

OS X Makes Slow Debut on PC

I downloaded a tarball and did this to get a just-in-time compilation of 0. It's actually quite simple if you've compiled before, as it basically is just: extract with tar,. You can even install. Hello, i have researched google for specific directions on how to do this. It seems as if the directions only say "Install pearpc and run the OS". Click "New", enter a name, in the wizard and select the operating system to be emulated here. Enter the. Posted by Shaktimi View all posts by JoJobei.