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Got this on sale and I can say it's a win! I usually use it for liquid foundation and it buffs the product on the skin flawlessly. It delivers the airbrushed effect it promised, nice and even coverage. My coworkers would comment "Ang fresh! I've been eyeing this RT Stippling Brush for maybe a good 2 years before deciding to try it.

I've been recommending it to friends due to its good reviews. My barkada bought one and told me that her coworkers complimented her on how her foundation looked nice since she used this, so I decided to finally buy it since I needed a new brush anyway. At first, it feels different, but I like how well it blends my BB cream and foundation, but I can't say that I can't live without this, though it's a good addition to my brushes. The only brush I bring for travelling! Not only do I use it for base, I can also use it for cream blushes and highlight as it does not move the base under.

For me, this is an all-around brush! Valid on all orders starting from October 7 until December 31, Just so you know, we share cookies Thanks for visiting, beautiful! Log In. Local Finds. Share Tweet Pin. Similar Brushes available right now. What to Love About the Brand. Real Techniques. Essential brush for every woman!

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Im sooo excited for a summer of fun!! This was a nice brush. And I have some from special sets too. For me, this is an all-around brush! Thus, Real Techniques was born.

Got high expectations for this, but liked it anyway See All 35 Reviews. Clover Collection. Social Misfit Cosmetics. Krist Bansuelo. Soffia Beauty. Organik Botanik. Pink Slip.

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Comprehensive Mac Brush List. Comprehensive Mac Brush List All, I've been collecting MAC brushes since , but I know that I'm missing a few brushes; is there a comprehensive list some where of all brushes old, new, discontinued. Please let me know if a thread already exists or if there's a link out on the web. I'm sure there's a veteran out there that knows all of the MAC brushes. Please help! I'll list them individually later Icon: Catherine Deneuve Icon: Colour Forms More later. Feel free to give any additions.

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Visit my sales thread! Comprehensive Mac Brush List There is also a thats like pencil brush.

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I saw it at my CCO, but its not listed anywhere. Comprehensive Mac Brush List Quote: Originally Posted by coquetayloca There is also a thats like pencil brush. Comprehensive Mac Brush List Here's another work-in-progress brush listing. The descriptions are helpful. It is a skinnier version of the and without the white hair.

It's super soft and great for blending. This list is great. It needs to be updated to add newer brushes that's come along since like , , , etc. A few of the face ones, since Combination skin. I was going through all of my brushes and decided to update my list so I figured I should add it here too.

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I hope that's ok. Im sure its not all inclusive because MAC brushes go back so far. I went mostly off what I have and some of what I know and could research, and I kept most of what was here too. Any corrections or additions are welcomed. I listed the number first, a description if I felt it needed one, the first collection I could find with that particular brush number in it, and if its limited LE or discontinued Dcd.

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S - Powder Brush, between the size of the and the Dcd 2. Taking all offers! Hello everyone!

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MAC Cosmetics # Blush Brush: rated out of 5 on MakeupAlley. This brush, like the other reviewer mentioned, has to break in, just a bit, and you have to. MAC Cosmetics # Blush Brush: rated out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Ive had this brush for about 6 years and could have sworn Id reviewed it already but.

I signed up for an account just so I could add to this list with my brushes that are discontinued and I have not been able to find anywhere online. I have multiple emails directly from MAC confirming the exisistance and authenticity of these!