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Namespaces Article Talk. Outline fonts are fonts in which glyphs are described mathematically as "outlines," a series of line segments, arcs, and curves. They are fully scalable: to print or display a character, the outline is scaled to the desired size, then rendered by filling the outline with bits or pixels. The information provided here is limited to what the typical Chinese Mac user might want to know. Developed by Adobe, PostScript is a "page-description" language for printers.

Unicode fonts for Macintosh OS X computers

It supports both graphics and text, with built-in support for fonts. The most common PostScript font format is Type 1. Chinese Postscript fonts use the CID format, which uses Type 1 character descriptions tailored especially for East Asian writing systems.

CID stands for "Character Identifier," which refers to the numbers that are used to index and access the characters in the font. OS X provides full support for all types of PostScript-based fonts.

Turn on East Asian language features in Office for Mac

In , Microsoft adopted Apple's TrueType font format, but they used a different approach to storing the font data. Font files had to be converted between Windows and Macintosh. Regardless, all TrueType fonts contain "cmap" tables that map its glyphs to various encodings.

With Mac OS X Most Windows 98 and later fonts have them, while most Windows 95 and earlier fonts do not. OpenType is an open standard developed by Microsoft and Adobe in to absorb the underlying differences between the TrueType and PostScript formats. OpenType fonts also use cmap tables. There are two kinds of OpenType fonts: those that use PostScript Type 1 names and outlines and carry the. OTF extension, and those that use TrueType names and outlines and carry the. TTF or. TTC extension. TrueType "collections" with the.

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TTC extension contain multiple fonts, usually different weights of the same font. They can also use the Unicode technology of glyph variants supported in OS X One way for individuals to obtain reliable, high-quality Chinese fonts is in retail bundles from established foundries. There aren't many of these companies. The making of an original Chinese font is a huge undertaking, somewhat less so now with the advent of new approaches and advanced technologies, but producing a finished, unique font is still a monumental task, involving a team of people working for months, if not years.

Many font bundles include installers and other software that only work on Windows, and thus they are sold as Windows-only, but you can always manually install the fonts on OS X.

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Find more than + cute, calligraphy, display and more styles of Chinese font available for free. 40 Free Unicode Chinese Fonts. Most Popular - By Name · 粗楷体简 Kai Bold Font 新宋体 Sim Sun Font 勘亭流繁 Kan Tan Font 粗鋼體一標準 WCL 07 Font 行書.

The current model for distributing fonts is via annual subscriptions. Adobe led the way with what is now TypeKit , and the rest of the industry has, for the most part, followed their lead. Known for a set of four fonts released with a broad public license in and , used widely in open-source software:. Wenlin is a Unicode plain-text editor with special emphasis on Chinese language, learning, and lexicography. In Wenlin the ways to mix different fonts in a single document are limited.

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Apple Braille Outline 6 Dot. Preview StaccatoBT-Regular font by. Nobody reads post 3. Fast Downloads. We made the bold face version of Tally Text Light by optical trickery long before the computer came into general use. Choosing and applying fonts to web design is an important aspect of both User Experience and User Interface design. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

You can specify one font for pinyin, and another for Hanzi. If you use Wenlin's built-in CDL font, any non-Chinese characters not supported by that font may be rendered using fonts available on your operating system.

Unicode fonts for Macintosh OS X computers

Besides the font mixing just described, it is not possible to mix multiple fonts and font sizes in a single document. For the most part the font settings made in the Font menus are used for all main windows and sub-windows. Since Wenlin is a Unicode plain-text editor, it is possible to include any Unicode character in a Wenlin text document.

Unicode supports an astonishing array of writing systems, and it is a challenge for any single developer to support them all. Wenlin specializes in the Chinese-related subset of Unicode.

Related Font Styles

When used in conjunction with an appropriate mark-up scheme and advanced page layout program such as Adobe InDesign [not included with the Wenlin package] , Wenlin provides advanced users with cutting-edge tools for typesetting some of the most complex documents that can be produced on modern computers, documents that would be simply impossible to create otherwise.

This font is plain and simple, and quite legible at most sizes. Monospace means that all letters are the same width, as though produced by a typewriter. This characteristic is useful when you want text to line up neatly in columns. The Monospace font is only usable by Wenlin, not by other programs, since it isn't stored in a conventional file format. Wenlin displays TrueType fonts by means of the FreeType library, described below later in this chapter. Wenlin also includes GaraWen , a font with a long history. The original design is by Claude Garamond 16th century. Rubicon Computer Labs created an electronic version similar to the Stempel version which Wenlin Institute licensed and modified to include all the Unicode letters needed for pinyin with tone marks.

It looks best at large sizes or when printed at high resolution.

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You can install Gentium and GaraWen in the usual way if you would like to use them in other programs though you can use them in Wenlin without installing them. You probably already have other compatible fonts on your computer, and more are available from other sources.

If you have such a font, you can use it by choosing Choose FreeType Pinyin The section Choosing a FreeType Font below gives details. If you never choose a different FreeType pinyin font, you can switch back and forth between Monospace and Gentium simply by choosing Monospace Pinyin and FreeType Pinyin from the Font menu.