Davmail mac setup exchange 2003

Don't know what's wrong. Search around on Google but I couldn't reach the solution yet. Please help.

Outlook 2011 on Mac and Exchange 2003

All rights reserved. Didn't work. This will get rid of sending authentication errors. I did have two questions. Lisa says: You can try re-entering info.

Thanks a lot. It is definitely connecting. I can see mail in a number of folders. Just now, after five minutes or so, it has changed from "Downloading 6 of in Inbox," to Downloading 9 of in Inbox. FYI, I have a terminal open watching Davmail's activity, every minute or two, it scrolls a hundred lines or so, then rests. Oh, It just jumped to "Downloading 12 of in Inbox.

Aug Sun 15th 9: Find hidden file. Its shows only one mail on every folder and sometimes gives error: This worked perfectly! On Mac OSX you have to go to your home directory and edit the davmail. Goggle for knowing how to show this hidden file on Finder. This setup works perfectly. Thank you to DavMail and Thunderbird aswell.

Lost any trust in Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail. I can now officially work from home. Cheers guys. Gordon Freeman Guest. Another possibility is that your current password has expired. Many IT departments require you to change your password on a regular basis. To find out, try logging into your account on Windows or to read your mail using Outlook or Webmail. For outgoing mail server under advanced settings choose use same settings as my incoming mail server.

This will get rid of sending authentication errors. Thanks for setting this blog up…saved me a lot of frustration being a Mac guy on an island of PCs and old Exchange!!! I was hoping what you had posted above would be my solution of not being able to get my MacBook with Office for Mac and Apple Mail working and integrating my company mail. I have no idea if what he says above is a limiting factor to me getting in. Can someone tell me what I can do or offer suggestions please?

Thank-you — this is brilliant! I got it, go to more option in the account setup below outgoing server info.

Hi GUy.. I got some important email notification under my public folder. Hi Guy, i setup DavMail accordingly to your instructions and it worked perfectly. It imported over 1K email in different batches of course but now i am stuck at the last 34…it connects to my exchange server un til the timeout error msg come up…what can it be?

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After reading all the above comments, I still cannot send emails, I keep getting the error code: Does anyone know what other things I could do to get it working? Then came this utility and guide, Wow what can i say!. Every thing worked for me first go, i am amazed and thrilled.

If someone productised the DAVMail program and developed some installers and instructions you have to think there is money to be made here…. Thanks for the brilliant stuffs…Outlook is running smoothly.

Any chance on Office Communicator? Address book settings are very well explained on the Davmail site. Any advice would be very gratefully received! I have the same problem, i could download the first time it synced almost my 12k e-mails but now it keeps sending that message. Exchange and Lion. Yahoo mail and gmail just pop right in, but the exchange mail takes a really long time. Any ideas? Mail and Calendar were pretty easy to get going.

Tried everything, hoping the IT Dept. I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. How frequently you update your website? It seems that davmail is not running now with Lion I have the following message: I use Entourage and would like to switch to Apple Mail. Can you tell me if and how I can use DavMail settings? Again, thanks a lot.

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This is a real service that you are providing folks. Jeff jruth esu. Thank so much for your help. I am now able to access my exchange account. The only problem I still have is it always Times out and it takes forever to get it to work again. I was able to get Outlook working with my Exchange environment using Davmail; however, I notice that I receive duplicate messages when someone replies to me… If I disable davmail, the duplicate messages do not occur.

Would you like to try re-entering your password? You may need to use a secure access, in other words use https: Setting up with your logins. I only had used username and password. You must setup by outgoing advanced settings your username and password again. Untip by all two SSL. After that Outlook connects to your Exchange account. Now u must go to Settings, and than the first general settings. The setups are that it should not group same folders together. And it should not show local folders.

Than u have to leave the menus. After that go to extras and select IMAP Folders than choose your your exchange folders what u will sync in outlook.

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You must now select deletet Objects and send Objects. After that you must go back to the Account settings and click to advanced. Go to folders and select the new deleted and send folders. By me it was there a problem, that as standard was not select the folders from server. By me it was a deleted elements and send elements. I forgot. Worked within minutes, both on outlook and mac mail. Most important for me: We have tried all of the above and we can send email but cant recieve but cant send.

Any ideas????? Here is my situation. My company uses Outlook which I usually get to through webmail but I would like to get to my personal folders… I was excited to see this page so I downloaded DavMail and I cannot get them working together. Excellent weblog, lots of valuable facts.

DavMail Setup

To resolve your issue follow these steps:. You can try re-entering info. You can delete account and create a new one. Type carefully. Check your Keychain for corruption. Check under advanced settings. Check the website for exact info on SSL and ports. Need help please. I can get davmail to work for outlook but not for the native mac mail client although sending is ok but not receiving.

I have put the default domain in the davmail settings. Any ideas why it should fail for the native email client.